Girls for marriage is a practice that has been prevalent for most cultures in Asia for hundreds of years. Many nationalities have different beliefs and rules when it comes to relationship. These cultures also differ when it comes to marrying females. In some locations, girls will be married away at an extremely early age. Nevertheless , this practice is not so much practiced consist of areas where females are given aside at a very tender years like 4. Reasons for kid marriage vary from one way of life to another.

The reasons vary from way of life to traditions. In some areas, the data exhibited that socio-cultural factors like exchange and betrothal of ladies intended for marriage were very common especially in less developed regions in the Northern part of Asia. Even the father and mother of the lady decide to care for the child independently and the few wed when they are betrothed. But in a large number of parts of Asia like Dalam negri, Thailand, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore father and mother of girls quite often give their very own girls in marriage for their own father and mother.

There are some places in which the tradition is that the girl’s parents give her apart in marital life while her brothers get married to her. In Indonesia, in case the girl can be pregnant her brothers will not permit her go to school through the period of her pregnancy. Any time she fades during this period, her brother should not marry her. Parents of ladies are also more keen to leave their children get pregnant just before they marry early.